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Our Team

General Director & CEO

Noor Rahman Jazib

During the last decades of war Afghanistan has been extremely damaged in all deferent aspects of life i.e. infrastructure, educational, agriculture, economical and etc, to rebuild and reconstruct this war hated country both national and international community is needed to a solid mutual cooperation and collaboration. With regard to the fact mentioned above, as a citizen of this country wished to take an active part in rehabilitation and development of our beloved country, therefore we established an organization in 2006 by the name of Patriotic Youth Educational, Cultural & social organization (PYECSO). By establishing the PYECSO we tried to target the most important areas of the social life i.e. education, infrastructure, vocational training, etc. as well as the most vulnerable and important generation of the community which are orphans, disable, adult, boys work as labors and youth (Boys and Girls).

PYECSO by hiring a number of well experienced professional and qualified staff could undertake a number of activities in different sectors and fields of life in different parts of Afghanistan.

If we are provided with a substantial financial and technical support by the international aid community and different donors, I am sure that we with using all our professional and skilled manpower and full commitment to our people will be able to provide more quality and standard services and take more active and broader part in rebuilding our country.